Getting Kids To Use Hand Sanitizer

It's more important than ever to teach our children the value of good hygiene – and kids aren't known for their cleanliness.

Viruses are quickly distributed in schools and nurseries, so children must keep themselves clean.  Although hand washing is a must, integrating hand sanitizer into your child's everyday routine provides an extra layer of protection.  Tips on how to encourage hand sanitiser in your child’s daily routine. 

Children's Hand Sanitizer

  • Pack a bottle of hand sanitizer in their school bag to make it a part of their daily routine.
  • Enable them to take care of their own bottle, which they can decorate and personalize with stickers.
  • Encourage them to use hand sanitizer while playing outside.
  • Teach them to use it before entering a shop and to reapply after leaving. 

If they are unable to wash their hands, it’s essential that your child sanitises before they eat. 

Show your child how to apply hand sanitiser to cover all of their hands, including the backs of the hands, thumbs and wrists. 

Children’s skin can be extra sensitive, so finding a formula that contains soothing properties like Aloe Vera will help avoid irritation. 

Building hand sanitiser into your child’s routine in this way will help them stay safe throughout the day. 

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