How To Get Rid Of Snoring?

If you're reading this, chances are you're either: a) awakened by your partner's snoring and looking for a way to stop it without going to jail or doing a long stint of community service; or b) you're the snorer, and your partner has threatened to take matters into their own hands unless you find a way to stop.

Either way, you have come to the right place, congratulations. 

When we’re asleep the muscles in our neck relax, sometimes they relax so much that airway of our nose & throat partially closes and becomes too narrow for enough air to travel through our lungs,

This narrowing of the airway causes the throat to vibrate, resulting in the sound of snoring. There are a number of reasons why our airways close, causing the vibration resulting in snoring, such as: alcohol consumption, exhaustion, cold/flu/allergies resulting in a blocked nose, and one of the main factors- smoking.

So, the reason that you’re here- how do you stop/greatly reduce snoring?

  • Open the nasal airways and keep them open, this can be done easily by using a nasal dilator. Nasal Medical's Discreet Snoring Aid is a comfortable nasal dilator that keeps nasal passages open, allowing air to move more freely.
  • Keeping your nasal passages clear and open, will also reduce your likelihood of mouth breathing, which can increase the noise level of snoring.
  • Don’t smoke at least 2 hours before bed. Smoking close to sleep can double your chance of snoring as tobacco inflames the lining of your nose and throat.
  • Try sleeping on your side rather than your back – we know, it's easier said than done! At the very least, start sleeping on your back; it might become a habit!
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet; being overweight can increase your chances of snoring because fatty tissues around the neck can obstruct airflow.
  • Before going to bed, stay away from alcohol. Because alcohol relaxes the muscles in our throat, it may cause the back of the throat to collapse as we breathe, causing snoring.

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