Top 5 Ingredients to Avoid When Applying to Your Baby's Skin

You're not alone if you're concerned about the long and convoluted ingredients in infant toiletries and aren't sure what they imply.

If your child has eczema, deciphering ingredient lists can be especially difficult. You want to be sure that anything you're putting on their skin won't irritate or cause a flare-up.

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So if you want to know what to avoid, here’s a quick list of things to check for in your baby’s skincare:

1. SLS/sodium lauryl sulfate

A foaming agent banned from leave-on emollients by the MHRA, but still found in aqueous cream, shampoos and body washes. Can cause itching, soreness and burning sensations.

2. Fragrance/parfum

Totally unnecessary to add to baby products and potentially irritating to skin.

3. Synthetic fragrance maskers

I.e. Hexyl Cinnamon, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, phthalates etc.; ingredients added (even to ‘unfragranced’ products) to mask the smell of the raw ingredients and produce a neutral scent. Many are known irritants on sensitive skin.

4. Potent essential oils

Such as rosemary, tea tree, lemon, orange, grapefuit etc., can be sensitising and aromatherapists suggest they should be avoided in products aimed at those under three years. (Lavender and chamomile are fine.)

5. Amyl Cinnamal 

A synthetic fragrance listed as a known human immune system toxicant or allergen, which can trigger eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Our advice?

Go natural with your baby's skincare

Babies generally don’t need anything very complicated to keep their skin in good, clean, healthy condition, so avoid all of the above and keep things simple while they’re little with all-natural skin care.

We prefer to avoid putting anything that could cause pain and soreness on babies’ skin, so Balmonds' Skin Salvation is entirely free from synthetic ingredients, fragrances or SLS, only containing beautifully mild and calming lavender and chamomile essential oils, nourishing plant oils and protective beeswax.

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Apr 08, 2022 Article by, Balmonds.

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